Online & Face to Face Classes
From 10th November 2020
Face to Face Classes available for students under 18 yrs old

Venues: Bairnsdale Rm 16 Bairnsdale Hub (Mon/Wed)
Lakes Entrance @thelakesstudio - 565 Esplanade (Tue/Thur)


(Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday) New White Belts and Yellow Belts
5pm - 5:40pm

Meeting ID: 735 0176 4015
Passcode: 9k1u9W


(Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday) Blue Belts and Red Belts
5:50pm - 6:30pm

Meeting ID: 729 8394 4473
Passcode: 3vfPva


( Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday) Probational Black & Black Belts
6:35pm - 7:15pm

Meeting ID: 739 8288 2151
Passcode: 0tPHc4

Play and Stay Safe @ Home

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