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Who is Kim’s Taekwondo & Hapkido East Gippsland? 

The club began in Lakes Entrance in 1995 by senior instructor Tony Paganella 4th Dan & under the guidance and support of Master Jung Yun Kim 7th Dan TKD & 8th Dan Hapkido who offers weekly classes in the Latrobe Valley.

Students benefit from traditional martial arts training and qualified personal fitness trainers, with current qualifications from the World Taekwondo (Korea) and affiliation through sporting bodies such as Australian Taekwondo & Taekwondo Victoria. 

Hapkido techniques are another style of Korean Martial Arts that involves grappling, throwing/rolling & weapons. Our syllabus is accredited with Moo Lim Won - Korea. 


Check our timetable page for up to date training times and venues.

There are for (4) terms in the year, that run simultaneously with the school term. Students are welcome to train at either Lakes Entrance or Bairnsdale to make up on missed training sessions or to simply get more out of their membership and Taekwondo training.

Note: Please bring your own drink bottle of water and running shoes to training.

Recognition of Achievement

The syllabus is nationally respected and internationally recognized by Sport Taekwondo Australia, World Taekwondo & Kukkiwon Headquarters – Korea. Specialized training is offered by invitation to students that show interest and ability to represent the Club at approved events. 


Gradings are planned opportunities for students to get recognition for their efforts over pre-determined period of training sessions. Students will apply for a grading at the end of each term if they have attended enough training (20 sessions) and/or display the ability to perform techniques and fitness relative to their belt level & age. 

Results are usually posted for acknowledgement of achievement online and maybe entered into the East Gippsland News as a sports article. Photos taken of participants of Kim’s Taekwondo East Gippsland remain the property of management and maybe used for recognition and publicity.


Students will learn Martial Arts skills that build positive individual strengths.   Improved fitness, positive self image, self control & recognised qualifications are some of the student benefits. The achievement of each level is a step closer to a Black Belt accreditation. Each step is the progressive achievement of challenging demands to perform one’s best. 

No two people are the same, nor are there two Black Belts the same.

Can a new person try Taekwondo before becoming a member? 

Yes, we invite “New Students” to attend a FREE introductory class. 

The next step is to attend 4 classes as a Non Member paid in-advance at a discounted rate. 

At this point the student can make an informed decision as to Our club and this activity is for them & equally whether we can accommodate the student’s learning requirements. 

What age can a student start? 

We make every attempt to cater to the needs of our members. Currently, we offer two classes per night due the relative learning and training needs

  • Juniors TKD Champs: From 7 to 12 years of age or Primary school Grades 1 to Grade 6
  • Seniors TKD Plus: Secondary school age from Year/Grade 7 including adults

Can adults do Taekwondo? 

Yes, anyone that aspires to be active can benefit from Taekwondo training. All activities can be varied to the fitness and skill levels of the student. We have graded successful students aged in their 60’s. We now offer junior and senior classes and will guide the progress of our students. 

How fit do I need to be before I start Taekwondo? 

Please don’t wait to get fit before visiting our classes! Your best does get better with action!

If you have a doubt about your health please seek medical advice before commencing. 

Can Parents train with their children? 

Yes, experience has shown that parents and children can achieve high levels of Taekwondo training together. Going through the challenges together can build great relationships. Parents become students and children learn how to face challenges by parental role modeling.

We offer two mixed age and belt level classes in both Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance. Our classes provide the best opportunity for families can take advantage of Taekwondo training together. 

Is there a family rate?

Yes, we offer discounts for 3 or more students in one family.  More information can be provided at training or contact us for further information.

 How do I sign up? 

  1. Introduction Period: Attend the First Session Free, return a completed “Enrolment Application Form” with (discounted) prepaid training fees for a further 4 classes at $55. 
  2. Decision time: Establish what you are looking for from your training and make a commitment for yourself. Complete New Member Registration, includes Club & National recognition. 
  3. Set up for success: Register & Order a club uniform (your height in centimetres). 

Train for fun, fitness, self-confidence & personal achievement

Enjoy your journey to Black Belt & beyond!

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